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I was a "rascal" and now I have changed into a young and authentic Mistress, thanks to different experiences I had in various fetish parties and bdsm meetings around Europe.

The domination on men is an innate and irrepressible passion to me , I could say nearly essential for my personal realization and satisfaction! Moreover I also have a great quantity of pure sadism . I feel a physical and cerebral huge pleasure when I see the painful faces and the desperated glances of my slaves. Especially I enjoy when I hear their suffering screams after I have flagellated their despicable flesh.

Despite I love the complete sphere of sadomasochism and fetishism , I am a real fanatic for following practices : toilet-training ,strap-on ,trampling ,riding ,spitting ,whipping and fetishism.

Upon request, I can involve my new personal female slave in our session.

My study is consisting of different thematic rooms and it is located in the centre of Turin.